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The Florentine-inspired Brantes Garden, with its two-hundred-year-old Magnolia Grandiflora, where the water of the Sorgues flows, the source that so inspired Petrarch, has been labeled a Remarkable Garden since 2005.

An educational vegetable garden, "La Gioventù," was created in 2014, with the Ecocert label, in collaboration with the Steiner School, where students currently come to work. Let us not forget that Rudolf Steiner is one of the founders of Biodynamics. The Potager Pédagogique also welcomes high school students from the surrounding area to explain permaculture principles and raise their awareness of the environment.


 The Jardin de Brantes, which is now a peri-urban garden, has always been open to the town of Sorgues and its surroundings. Moreover, more than 30 years ago, the inhabitants came to fetch its milk, and lovers kissed in the Plataneraie... For 12 years (see article in Biodynamic magazine), the Garden, via the association Soyons Curieux ('Be Curious'), has developed educational and artistic programs linked to the historical and plant heritage for primary school pupils from the ZEP (priority education zone) of the PACA region (Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur). During their school time, these pupils from the housing estates came to create collective works of art using elements from nature and recycled materials, working on the ground closely linked with their roots. These works of art were always valued and exhibited to the general public.


 For more than 20 years, the Jardin de Brantes has been offering a cultural and botanical program to the local and international public in partnership with private and public institutions.