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AMMAR SEEDS is about diffusing knowledge and awareness of the infinite importance and interconnections between the soil, the plants we grow, all life, and the food we cook and consume. We do this through encounters, bringing people together around food, stories, and contact with the earth to find an agri-culture of survival. Soil here is an interface for dialogue. By understanding how food shapes relationships through rituals old and new and all manner of cultural expressions, we seek to cultivate and integrate connections of care through the arts, nourishing the creativity of younger and future generations.


Co-creating and composting with diverse traditions, heritages, wisdom, and knowledge, we interweave stories of care, social justice, conviviality and make space for new narratives to emerge.


As Brazilian indigenous author Ailton Krenak writes, “ideas to postpone the end of the world.” These encounters, the insights they bring, the stories they tell, and the ideas they spawn will be recorded and documented with a focus on their orality. 


Indigenous and ancestral wisdom has been with us down the ages, but much has been forgotten, hidden, or made obsolete. AMMAR Seeds is about reconnecting with and sharing the knowledge and wisdom of these guardians of seeds, peasant culture, heirloom plants, and recipes.

Who and where are these people? What stories do they carry with them? Is there an elder, child, or contemporary thinker whose wisdom can benefit us all? We are seeking them out. 

Evolution is about collaboration rather than competition, and AMMAR Seeds is a project merging ancestral knowledge and contemporary innovation.


We are guided to new stories by the concept of “bem viver,” Portuguese for “living well.” Our gatherings and the recording of the received stories which unfold are always celebrated with a collective meal, prepared only with locally grown products and recipes that are stories in themselves. The power of a simple meal fires the imagination, spreads joy, and opens the heart to exchange with others. We create the world we want to live in by living it. Always with the seasoning of music. Nourishment is a matter of care towards the environment and each other.


Cuisine is a bio-cultural process that differentiates us from all other living beings and differentiates one human culture from another. Seeds and recipes carry culture, and in times of forced human displacement, cuisine is one of the few expressions that help humans quickly reconnect with their culture. Cuisine is a dialogue between humans, the soil, and the food it provides. These dialogues are maps to better ways of living for all of us.


AMMAR Seeds gathers those maps to create a new cartography of seeds, cultures, and cuisines, drawing from narratives of place and displacement to find new patterns and possibilities. If these ideas can postpone the end of the world, maybe we can also find ways to restore and renew it.